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Interview with Ronni Hartvig – Managing Director for Nordicbet

Mr. Ronni Hartvig joined the Betsson group earlier this year as the Managing Director of NordicBet. With over ten years in consumer sales and marketing within the world of online gaming and the medical device industry, Mr. Hartvig certainly brings plenty of experience to the table.

A little known fact is that Mr. Hartvig originally joined NordicBet in 2010 as the Head of Customer Marketing and Business Intelligence. Having spent just over 7 years in the business both in London and Malta, he is definitely no stranger to the world of gaming.

Mr. Hartvig spent time working in the Medical Device Industry too, where his focus was set on building the strategy to adapt business to business hospital products to consumer direct products. Moving to Italy within the company served to benefit the cause even further, as Mr. Hartvig was made responsible for implementing Sales and Revenue as well as having full profit and loss ownership. The full ownership and extensive experience in this field undoubtedly aided him in preparation for the role of Managing Director.

Mr. Hartvig claims that his experience in the health industry has helped him acclimate to the mature and corporate side of things. Over time, the gaming industry has adopted more of a corporate approach and therefore, Mr. Hartvig’s experience in this field serves as an asset once again. The winning combination of having both substantial experience and the innate ability to recognise customers needs and wants is one that Ronni Hartvig possesses.

NordicBet, the extremely popular online gaming website, has been online since 2002. Nordic Gaming Group, as it was previously known, was acquired by The Betsson group in 2012, soon after Mr. Hartvig moved back to Denmark. Now, NordicBet is one of largest, most formidable brands of the Betsson Group.

Ronni believes that customer service is key to any brand and therefore aligns himself naturally with Ulrik Bengtsson’s Strategy for the group. The communication channels a company chooses are just as crucial as the messages being delivered.  For instance, the use of email marketing, he explains, is becoming redundant in this day in age, this channel is not immediate enough for fast-moving industries and getting timing and frequency wrong can likely irritate potential customers.

On the other hand, Ronni emphasises the increased prevalence of push notifications as part of a multi-channel strategy. ‘communicating with our customers when it matters, not when we have the time to’ can be key to growing our Brand further.

The migration to the Techsson platform 7 months ago gave Nordicbet access to data and the Team is now in a position to work on actioning this data in a fully data-driven environment which is an advantage of all the Betsson Group brands.

Ronni understands the vital approach for team members to focus on priorities. By focusing on what matters we make sure we choose to execute the ideas and strategies that bring more impact in the short term and contribute to growth in the long term. There is always a lot of data, feedback and ideas to action but prioritising is key. This is where Ulrik Bengtsson’s strategy serves as a guide to help all the team members take day-to-day decisions.

Ronni believes that although the team’s dynamics are in flux, it is important to constantly strive for improvement of execution.

“Progress before perfection; because clarity comes from taking action.”