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Recent events in Fantasy Sports

The fantasy model consists of season-long fantasy sports leagues that are compressed into a daily, and occasionally, weekly game, with settlement of rewards in the form of cash prices being given as frequently. The daily fantasy sites DraftKings and FanDuel made the news this week as it became clear that employees were playing on their company sites, and might have had access to information,  about the game dynamics not normally released to the public.

If the employees used this to their own advantage, it is clearly very damaging for the reputation of the fantasy industry and specifically FanDuel and Draft Kings. 

Real money gambling is banned in the USA. Most people, of course,  fail to see why one (Daily Fantasy) is considered a game of skill and the other (traditional 1x2 betting) is not.  Predicting a series of outcomes of a game is clearly not only down to luck neither is predicting what players will perform the best in any given game.

Now to the real point, why is there no regulation of Fantasy that ensures the integrity of the business and protects players? Real money gambling has been submitted to such regulation for years and these measures, now being taken on by the Fantasy companies, have happened in real money gaming for a long time.

It is unfortunate and a failure that the rigour of real money gambling regulation (in the case of Betsson, the Malta regulation) is so often neglected or misunderstood outside of the industry.