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Interview with Maia Kopinadze, Managing Director at Europe-Bet

Europe-Bet, Georgia’s second-biggest gaming operator, was acquired by Betsson AB in July 2015. With a market share of over 30%, “Europe-Bet has established a strong brand with a competitive multi-product offering in the locally regulated market of Georgia”, says Ulrik Bengtsson.

Maia Kopinadze, Managing Director at Europe-Bet, describes the process of acquisition as one that was interesting, yet challenging, as it involved joining a more developed organisation. This inevitably put a strain on employees and employers alike, as levels of excitement and fear were sky-high. The process, however, was successful and greatly beneficial for all, as it not only exhibited their sense of teamwork but also the trust the two businesses had in each other in order for the seamless transition to occur.   

Maia Kopinadze joined Europe-Bet just over four years ago, with a plethora of knowledge, especially regarding finances, due to her previous post of Financial Director with a large and successful payment company in Georgia. In addition, Maia was also involved with a number of software and data systems, which further expanded her knowledge and experience.

Ms. Kopinadze joined Europe-Bet as CFO, when the company was rather small in size with far fewer employees than it currently does. Nonetheless, Maia was inspired and motivated by a company she believed was overflowing with potential. Starting out as CFO facilitated the process as she was provided with the opportunity to get to know the company very intimately and accurately evaluate the prospect of potential growth. Getting to the very core of the business was crucial as Maia made it her mission to dig deep by learning the tricks of the trade with regards to business specifics, customer service and the gaming industry as a whole.

Now Managing Director, Ms. Kopinadze values the entire business on a more productive and qualified level, making her an invaluable leader of the Europe-Bet team.

Post acquisition, Maia is determined for Europe-Bet to be the number one gambling company in her region. As a result, significant changes have been made, including but not exclusive to the restructuring of the company itself. These changes are welcomed by the staff, as most believe that such adjustments are being implemented “for the development and strengthening of the Europe-Bet brand itself”.

In terms of integration, it is essential that both companies find common ground, in terms of their views and values, and also their aims and goals. Maia believes that Europe-Bet and Betsson AB share the same guiding principles, especially those of teamwork, quality assurance, task execution and timely decision making. Maia says her main focus for the present and future is growth. On this matter, both companies are in complete agreement as they strive to form a bigger, better company, together.

Ms. Kopinadze brings the interview to a close on a sentimental note as she mentions the pride of the Georgian people, despite their small size. She, all the staff and many Georgians alike would like nothing more than for Betsson to be as proud of Europe-Bet as they grow and integrate further.