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The Betsson Group promotes health and safety in the workplace

The Betsson Group prides itself in looking after the wellbeing of all Betssonites. We want to keep our high standards of personal and professional integrity and protect the health and safety of all employees. This includes a safe working environment, health boosting activities such as Betsson Training Challenge and fitness allowance, health insurances, as well as our refreshed Code of Conduct clarifying our ethical guidelines and principles.

This also includes education and awareness of social issues such as problem gambling or substance abuse. We provide mandatory education in responsible gaming to all employees. In addition, Betsson Group is introducing a new collaboration with Sedqa, a National Non-Governmental Organisation in Malta providing services in health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to persons with drug and/or alcohol problems and other similar conditions, and to their families.

sedqa logo high resBetsson has teamed up with Sedqa to provide education to our employees and managers based in our operational headquarter in Malta starting in November 2015.

The activities include educational material for all employees on drugs, alcohol, stress management, drinking and driving, and information about the 24/7 Sedqa Support Line. Starting in December 2015 we will also provide people managers with workshops on preventive and after care, followed by sessions for the employees in Q1 2016.

 Being a Betssonite includes healthy and safe lifestyles.

More information on Sedqa can be found here: