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Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation at Betsson

Data Science; The Betsson Group is no stranger to the importance of Data. AI is already a strong reality for companies like Facebook and Amazon. It is natural that we are starting to think about how to use our data better.

Back in April the Payments team had issues with the system. Several users found an issue with the system which potentially could have been a loophole. The team immediately started thinking how to improve payment systems in order to identify anomalies in user actions.

Mariya and Anatoliy in our payment team toyed with the idea of using machine learning for payment systems for a different purpose. They decided to start from fraud detection.

We quickly, approved the idea and they started their R&D initiative. In July Maria showed the prototype to everyone during the Betsson Toast Masters (BTM is an internal IT event organised by the Betsson Group).

After Maria’s BTM demo a lot of people became interested in this new sphere. In early September The Betsson Group organised training for one of the internal teams of .Net programmers that currently specialise in payments.

The aim was to extend the group’s knowledge in order to benefit from new projects in relation to data science. It was a full 3 day course delivered by the Head of Data Science in VITech and one of the leaders of Ukrainian AI community; this created palpable excitement within the attendees.    

The team that attended the course was looking forward to garnering such amazing new tools.

“Betsson invests money and time to train its people even when this is not directly connected to their day to day responsibilities.”  Observed Anatoliy

“Although this is still a small initiative we are sure it will continue to grow” says Valera from the Kiev team. We will keep up the R&D and find more creative ways of using the data we have in hand to benefit the customer and the people processes of the Betsson group.

“We set ourselves high aims and are thrilled that the Betsson Group has backed us. The whole team is excited about the possibilities we are now open to.”

The team appreciates that thinking out of the box is critical to developing new ways of doing old things. By getting all the teams together to provide more customer specific information we can find new exciting ways of building a seamless engaging experience that delights our customers.

The Kiev team has many ideas but it is important that we develop the ones that are most useful to the business – the idea needs to be workable and actually solve a customer problem.

The initial project has already produced a first prototype which is being implemented. By extending data we use it to solve different problems; The potential of this for the Betsson Group is enormous. We are in a position to develop programmes that detect abuse, anomalies and customer risk. This can improve the customer experience and also our ability to detect fraud and react to it in a timely manner.

The Betsson Group already has a Big Data team in Malta; their job is to collect as much data as possible so we can use AI algorithms for various business needs; to automate rules, payment processes and customer segmentation. The possibilities are truly endless and the benefits many. This part of our business will become increasingly important as our ambitious growth targets keep being reached and exceeded.