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The Andreesen Horowitz Tech Summit London – November 2015

I had the pleasure of listening to Ben Horowitz speaking to Sir Martin Sorrell last week; Two brilliant and fascinating guys.  Sir Martin Sorrell made some very interesting points that I could only testify to myself, but that very rarely actually gets recognised.

Let me give you the Cliffs’ note version;

  • People who extract themselves from the details will always fail
  • Teams are very important but at the end of the day, it is individuals that make a difference
  • Managers who let day to day issues get in the way of them executing the strategy will fail; always keep an eye on the strategy.
  • Three things are important; technology, data and content
  • You have to be in a consistent state of paranoia.
  • Well put and very inspiring to understand the mind of one of the most successful business leaders around. 

Also, given the fact that WPP makes over 50 acquisitions a year I was particularly curious in Sir Martins’ view on acquisitions.  I think his comment went something like: “People think acquisitions are easy. Once the deal is done it is done. In reality, that is when the work really starts”

I think we can sign up to that at Betsson….

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