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Effective collaboration is the foundation of Betsson Group

If you Google the word “collaboration” you'll get over 260 million results. The more you look online, the more definitions you find and most of them making reference to working together.

As Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google, says with a smirk in the corner of his lips…

“When you say collaboration, the average 45-year-old thinks they know what you’re talking about:  teams sitting down, having a nice conversation with nice objectives and a nice attitude.”  

What Eric means is that collaboration isn't just about working together, it's about creating value, and at the Betsson Group, value means delivering the best customer experience in the industry. 

Now 23 brands strong we understand that in order to move mountains (because at Betsson we don't settle for any less) we need to embrace and use our collective intelligence to avoid working in silos.

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A great example of efficient collaboration is our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team. They need to collaborate with a lot of different stakeholders in order to deliver SEO at code level, they impart best-practice across the group and ensure that everyone understands the importance of SEO. This initiative alone has shown a substantial increase year on year revenues derived from SEO improvement in 2015.

To take a customer experience focused example, we decided to decrease page speed load time across all brands as part of the SEO efforts to improve ranking. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as being kept waiting online.

To reduce page speed load time we had to bring in the brand product owners, deliver insight through our Data Growth team, and together figure out what was causing some pages to be slower in load times than others.

In only a few months from kicking this off we realised that sometimes images were too large on-site and we implemented a notification so that stakeholders would immediately know that image size is not optimal. This was a very quick win that wouldn’t have been achieved without all our colleagues working well together and sharing their findings. We’ve already managed to decrease page speed across the group and this is only the beginning. We want to offer our players only the best so we are constantly working optimizing everything customer facing.

As Erik points out, “collaboration sounds like something nice and easy to do”, but any company with rapid growth and such a diversity in backgrounds, nationalities and working locations knows that it can prove tricky to communicate effectively.

This is a key skill of Betsson Group employees, one that has been developed and strengthened with each acquisition we make. And guess what? We’re nowhere near done. We aim high and with each goal we reach, we set the bar even higher.