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Betsson’s Contribution to the Malta Community Chest Fund

Betsson’s largest beneficiary of charitable contributions is the Malta Community Chest Fund chaired by the President of Malta, who visited The Betsson Experience Centre earlier this year.

Check presentation Istrina 2016

The Malta Community Chest Fund is a non-governmental entity that collects and distributes funds for a variety of social and medical needs among people in Malta. Fund raising events are held throughout the year but the largest and most important one in terms of fund raising is the televised Istrina event held on Boxing Day every year.

Betssonites taking calls BThis year, apart from our contribution of 15,000 Euros, which included monthly voluntary donations by our Malta based staff we also had Betsson personnel giving up their free time on Boxing Day in order to assist with incoming phone calls from persons wishing to donate.

This year’s Istrina fundraiser broke all previous records by collecting over €4,000,000. 

Our volunteering Betssonites describe the experience as one of compassion and solidarity and thus very rewarding.