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Betsson Management team invests in AB shares after second quarter results

Following the announcement of the second quarter’s results the a number of members of the Group’s operational management team including: Ulrik Bengtsson CEO, Marion Gamel CMO, Stefan Nordin CTO, Jesper Svensson CCO and Petra Zackrisson chief business development officer bought more shares in the company in a show of confidence in the stock.

“Being part of what is coming out from Tech in the near future, like a significantly improved Sportsbook and our mobile sites running on OBG, I found the recent drop in share price as a fantastic opportunity to acquire 10,000 more shares. I have always believed in owning a part of the company I am working for and I am confident those shares are a very safe bet to take.” Chief Technology Officer Stefan Nordin said.

The Group’s executive team shares a strong belief that Betsson has been consistent on delivering great value to shareholders and will continue to be a good opportunity in the future for investors.