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Annual Betsson Strategy Roadshows

Betsson Group’s strategy and vision for 2017 are being presented this month during the annual company-wide Strategy Roadshows.

The roadshows are an important part of Betsson culture, where strategy is for everyone.

The first show was held in Malta, the company operational headquarters and presented by CEO and President, Ulrik Bengtsson, who again reiterated vision, strategies, goals and Key Initiatives for the company. Including Betsson’s five Big ideas regarding data, customer centricity, multi-brand, one platform and digital marketing.

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session with members of senior management while the session closed with Ulrik Bengtsson being interviewed by Business Editor of the Times of Malta, Vanessa Macdonald.


Business Editor of the Times of Malta, Vanessa Macdonald interviewing CEO and President Ulrik Bengtsson.

Chief Technology Officer, Stefan Nordin presented the roadshows at our office in Budapest while Chief Marketing Officer, Marion Gamel presented in Tallinn and both presented in Stockholm.

In the next two weeks, the roadshows will end with presentations at our offices in Kiev and Tbilisi.


CMO, Marion Gamel and CTO Stefan Nordin, presenting the Strategy Roadshow in our Stockholm office.