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Swedish Gaming Inquiry: 3 Crucial Elements to Successful Regulation

On Friday, the Swedish Gaming Inquiry will present its proposals on how the Swedish gaming market should be re-regulated.

The mandate of the Inquiry was to propose new gaming regulations based on a licensing system. The Swedish government’s goal is to get a gaming market that is characterised by high consumer protection, high security and clear conditions for operators on the Swedish market.

In a joint article published on Dagens Industri Opinion, Sweden’s largest business newspaper, Betsson’s CEO and President Ulrik Bengtsson together with Kindred Group CEO Henrik Tjärnström outlined what they believe is essential in re-regulation.

Three things are crucial to achieve a successful regulation:

    • A reasonable taxation level
    • Payout levels should not be regulated by the state
    • Product offerings should not be limited.

Mr Bengtsson and Mr Tjärnström said they represent two of the largest private players in the Swedish market, share this goal and are prepared to support the proposal that they believe will propose reasonable terms for all parties. Only when people want to be on the inside of a licensing system, the state can take control of the gaming market.

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