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Swedish Gaming Inquiry: A Measured and Reasonable Proposal

The Swedish Gaming Inquiry Report, Spellicensutredningen, was presented on Friday and was positively received for its measured and reasonable proposal.

This re-regualtion of the Swedish gaming market is particularly important to Betsson because the company is keen to operate in regulated markets and wants to welcome a licensing system in Sweden.

The report was quite positive for Betsson as it suggests a licensing system where the company will be able to get licenses for all products it currently offers and thereby compete on fair terms with the former monopolies. The tax level is suggested to be 18%, which is a reasonable level.

Betsson already holds local licenses in eleven markets; Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Spain and the UK.

“We believe that regulation is good for us as well as for our customers. We are a responsible company and we feel that regulation supports serious operators in the online gaming industry”, President and CEO Ulrik Bengtsson said.

There are some challenges with the solutions that the report suggests because with a licence comes taxes that puts pressure on margins, however, operating in regulated markets will allow us to expand our revenues further and the volume growth will help mitigate the impact of taxes.