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Betsson Group welcomes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

Betsson CEO and President Ulrik Bengtsson welcomed the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat to the Betsson Experience Centre this morning.

The two shared a coffee before having a meeting where Mr Bengtsson reiterated Betsson’s commitment to Malta.

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Speaking to the press and in reference to recent rumours that Betsson was due to leave the island, Mr Bengtsson said that there was no intention to leave.

“Betsson has a common interest with any government in Malta. A strong economy, good investments in infrastructure and education as well as a good international brand and reputation of the country augured well for Betsson. What is good for Malta is normally good for Betsson vice versa is also true”, Mr Bengtsson said.

Asked by journalists about Betsson’s position in Malta, Mr Bengtsson said that Betsson now employs more than 1,000 people on the island, in two offices with a view to expand further. He added that the company contributes roughly 1% of Malta GDP and on top of all that also attracts world class talent to the island.

Mr Bengtsson said that although some of the allegations during the general election campaign have been disturbing, the company believes in Malta long term and if Malta keeps its current path of regulatory robustness, business friendly environment and investment in infrastructure and education, the company’s intentions are to keep having a large presence in Malta.

Prime Minister Muscat thanked Betsson for their continued commitment to the island and added that he looked forward to many more years of Betsson in Malta.

You can watch the press conference here