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Betsafe Knock Out

Billed as the “fight of the century” saw not only two of the world’s biggest names in boxing go head-to-head but also two of Europe’s biggest betting brands.

Irish bookmakers Paddy Power and Betsson Group’s Betsafe sponsored Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor respectively.

Amongst the positive feedback given to Betsafe was an interesting article penned by Gareth Maritz, who saw the Betsafe sponsorship as a knock out blow to the competition.

Gareth, a Commercial Manager at Scottish Rugby and currently reading for his MBA and writing his dissertation focusing on the ROI from sponsorship, saw the move by Paddy Power as brave considering it’s an Irish brand.


Gareth also saw a shift in demographics leading to long-tern growth for Betsafe.

Check out the full post below or read it here:

This past weekend saw Floyd Mayweather pitted against Conor “Notorious” McGregor in what would be his first ever professional fight.

What made this fight so special, is that on paper it was the a fight that any boxing purist would turn their nose up at. It also saw a change in the boxing audience demographic.

This fight saw an increase in the audience that was likely to place bets, why? because of the popularity and audience profile of McGregor’s fans.

To briefly explain just how this demographic shifted, think Happy Gilmore. McGregor a former apprentice plumber from Crumlin, that in four years went from living on social welfare to fighting for a £100 Million payday. … mouthwatering.

McGregor represents hope, the fact that dreams do come true but he also represents Irish patriotism. Boxing as a sport has a significant history with Ireland, and the MMA craze has gripped the Republic and all those patriots living outside.


Gareth Maritz

McGregor as a brand is an attractive property for any betting sponsor because his audience demographic fits within those that traditionally gamble.

PaddyPower is an Irish betting firm that is “notorious” for their witty and clever advertising campaigns and activations. As a brand it engaged with its audience as though “they were one of the lads” …

PaddyPower, swooped in sponsored Floyd Mayweather and then paid out the bet a week in advance of the fight, snubbing a person that their customer demographic admires. A very brave move by the brand manager.

The Irish are proud and find it hard to support brands that betray them as a nation, in particular those that claim to be Irish when it suits them. The word boycott springs to mind … a word that can be traced back to Ireland in 1880’s …

Backing Mayweather for any other betting brand could make sense and activated well would see some really good click rates and ROI … that is for any other brand other than PaddyPower.

Betsafe on the other hand was smart and drove clever activations. Their sponsorship and engagements drove customers to their websites in support of McGregor . They had a sensational activation idea providing odds of 49-1 (Clever activation as if he had won Mayweathers’ record would have been 49-1).

Backing McGregor is good for their brand and will build long term brand loyalty. The short term success will pale in comparison to the knockout they dealt PaddyPower in the longterm through their sponsorship.

Well done on your TOTAL KNOCK OUT