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Manuel Knight

Motivational speaker

Manuel 1Manuel Knight is a world-class motivational speaker and conducts seminars around the world about the challenge of creating high-performing teams, leaders and organizations. The seminar is about what we should do to develop an organizational culture where all individuals feel motivated and empowered to perform at their best.

Other seminar themes are how to build teamwork in a culture that creates desire and energy, communication in multinational companies as well as living values. Manuel Knight has an exciting and different background. From a ghetto in Atlanta, Georgia, to a life as an internationally successful consultant – a life journey that has given him the unique experience and a deep understanding of human behaviour and driving forces. And knowledge about how to master the challenges associated with high performance under great pressure.

With empathy, clear examples and interaction with the audience, Manuel delivers a serious message in a very entertaining way. The seminar is an inspiring experience with a lasting impression. In 2012 Manuel received ”Stora Talarpriset” with the jury’s motivation: ”Manuel Knight is truly a world class speaker. With a warm heart and true engagement he shows the way to real change, great improvement and lasting success for people and organizations. A meeting with Manuel Knight is a wake-up call for our inner strengths and leaves a long lasting impression.”